Warriors of Might and Magic

Presentation: 1.0
The menu is simple, and the story is...simple, and boring. A two-year old retarted baby with no hands can navigate the menu. This game makes any Arnold Schwartzfasnigger movies seem deep and intriguing. The load times are a menace to society, and there's not much else to offer. It might appeal to the Dungeons & Dragons freaks that plague our sewers but not to the average nerd.

Graphics: 2.0
Ok, it's colorful. I'll give you that. The frame rate is awful. Sometimes, there are too many monsters, and when you throw a fireball, you can see it skip a couple times. It reminds me of Mario, except without the fun.

Sound: 2.5
The music is alright, but the voices are awful. The monsters sound about as threatening as a Barbie doll with minature spears.

Control: 0.5
I know it's about a warrior, but does he have to move like a doll? I think I'd rather go play with a Barbie doll instead, at least it is more entertaining.

Gameplay: 0.5
The learning curve for this game is about ten seconds, any longer and you'll need to hit your head with a hammer, that has smaller hammers attached to it. The story is pretty boring. This game is about as mindless as Diablo, and fun as selling doorknobs, door to door. All the puzzles are really simple too. I'm going to tell you the secret to beating the game. Hit. Block. Hit. Block. Hit. Hit. Block. Cast spell. Block. Block. Block. Wait for death of monster or shut off the game from boredom. 

Lasting Appeal: 1.0
There's actually a lot to do, but doing them is a chore. This is about as repetitive as it gets. It is very repetitive. 

Rent or Buy?
This is the last action game I would buy. I borrowed it from a friend, and he told me to keep it. I secretly threw it into his trash can. Even if you are a fan of Might and Magic, don't rent.

Pros: Large levels, atmospheric sound
Cons: Boring levels, repetitive
Overall: 0.5