Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution

Presentation: 4.5
The presentation is so great it almost pisses me off, but I hate how everyone's father dies and they vow revenge by entering a tournament, or there is some random old guy looking for an apprentice to carry on his moves. We have two new characters; a zombie-smurf, and a boxer that looks just like Steve from Tekken 4(but not British). I happen to like these new characters, epically the undead-smurf. The new training modes are amazing. The 10th Anniversary game is a little weird, but it works. The $20 price is orgasmic. 

Graphics: 4.0
The graphics are so great it almost pisses me off. The fighters are greatly detailed, and the game runs smoothly at 60 frames per second. The major change is the anti-aliasing problems from the original. The pain from the original forced me to correct my vision with laser eye surgery. The graphics are beautiful, but they aren't worth drooling over my cat.

Sound: 3.0
The sound just pisses me off. "I'm going to whip you in no time!" Say that in your little sissy voice downtown and you'll be shot in no time. You'll be hearing crap like that until you die, or until you beat the game. The sound effects are great. The heavy rock isn't a surprise, but it tingles my jingles.

Control: 4.5
The controls area so great it almost pisses me off. Every button is used, except the triangle, but you could switch that to something else. The fat people feel...fat, and the skinny people feel...skinny. Too bad there is no vibration sensation. 

Gameplay: 5.0
This game has so much depth is almost pisses me off. We have the reversals, stuns, TFTs, TCTs, PCPs, sabtakis, bukkakaes, and other stuff I can't remember. I love this game. The Quest mode is challenging and is also rewarding. I still can't believe I paid $20 for this game. I would punch a rabbit in the nose, and pay at a regular price for this game. 

Lasting Appeal: 5.0
Seriously, this game has so much lasting appeal it almost pisses me off. I've spent three weeks with it, and I'm 70% done...with one character out of 15. The tutorial will even take hours to beat. If you can really get at least 90% with all characters, than I truly envy your patience, or pity your social life. 

Rent or Buy?
Absolutely buy, unless you have Virtua Fighter 4 already and you are a homosexual. 

Pros: Amazing depth, single player
Cons: Sound
Overall: 5.0