Vampire Night

Presentation: 2.0
The load screens look cool, but they last an excessively long time. I enjoy the whole idea of shooting something else besides zombies...wait, no I don't. This game is retarded. 

Graphics: 3.0
The graphics are nothing to be complaining about. There's nothing that will make you open your mouth like a whore on bukkakae night. There's nothing that will make your squint like the sun is in your face like you were a...vampire. There are some anti-aliasing crap going around, but looks better than Pac-man World 2.

Sound: 2.5
The music sucks, and the voices are awful. The two main characters sound like Power Rangers with tubes stuck in their ass, and they are trying to talk out of their ass. The sound effects are ordinary so do not be expecting anything out of the ordinary. 

Control: 5.0
You can't have a light-gun game and bad controls. It's just not possible, unless you are using a bow or decided to just fling turd at your enemies in the game. The controller actually works well, but it's boring with it.

Gameplay: 3.0
You really can't have fun if you don't have a light gun, and it would be really fun if you had two light guns or two real guns. You can't dodge like in Time Crisis 2...which sucks because this actually came out after Time Crisis 2. See that vampire? Shoot it. 

Lasting Appeal: 1.5
Like all light gun games, this one is very short. There are five levels if I remember correctly, and the whole game takes less than an hour to beat. The special and training modes add very little. I guess it would last longer if you had two guns. The game gets boring after beating it about four times.

Rent or Buy?
Rent, if it's possible. This game just isn't as good as Time Crisis 2.

Pros: Come on, it's a light gun game
Cons: Crap story, too short 
Overall: 2.0