Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

Presentation: 4.5
I miss the old wheel menu in THPS2. The interface is easy to use, and the training mode helps you get into the game. The intro movie is fun to watch, but like all intros, you'll just want to skip it after a while. The endings are rewarding, and actually make me want to beat the game with a happy stick. 

Graphics: 4.5
I heard that the frame rate drops sometimes, but I never really noticed. Some of the levels are incredibly detailed while the other ones seem plain. The character animations are flawless. The way they land, and they way the tricks are performed seems realistic. The blood even looks beautiful when you fall on your ass. 

Sound: 4.5
I despise rap, but THPS3 has a variety from hippie music to heavy metal. The list adds up to 20 different songs. You could even edit the list so you can skip the songs that you don't like. The ambient noises are even well done. I just found the ice-cream truck in Suburbia a very annoying though. I have nightmares about being run over by an clown-driving-ice-cream truck that shoots rocket launchers at me now..oh wait..wrong game. 

Control: 5.0
Fans of THPS will pick up the game and cruise through it. You could now even use the left analog for movement, but I doubt anybody will(unless you are stupid or just like the challenge). The right analog can be used to rotate the camera around for kicks. Everything you need in the game is here.

Gameplay: 4.5
Fans of THPS2 will be familiar with the game. Each map has objectives you have to accomplish to advance farther in the game. The goals are brilliant. Instead of just collecting all the wings or knocking down all the barrels like in THPS2, there are a variety of things. After beating the game with a character, you unlock a high quality, video clip. The video clips are well made, and fun to watch. All of the maps in here are a lot larger than the ones in THPS2. I didn't like a couple of the maps, like Suburbia(fucking ice-cream truck), and Foundry(fucking lava pit). Create-a-skater is even better than before. Create a park is not much different from THPS2. I believe there are a few more items. My complaint here is that I found the pre-made parks boring. I could pull something out of my ass that's more exciting, literally. Two-player mode is the only reason that I found this game to be so good. I don't like Slap or King of the Hill. The point of them is to basically chase the other person. It seems like fun, but some maps are way to big to catch someone. 

Lasting Appeal: 4.5
There are plenty of goals, and movies to last for a while. There are a lot of things to unlock. You have to beat the game about 25 times with different characters, and get 100% to unlock everything. It takes me at least a hour to beat the game with one character. After a month, I kind of got bored of the game, so I started to bring it to parties and sociable orgies. This is definitely one of those games that are even better if there are more people.

Rent or Buy?
Buy if you're a fan of Tony Hawk, buy even though you're not. This will be the best skateboarding game for a while, until the next THPS. 

Pros: Better than THPS2, lots of things to unlock
Cons: Gets boring unless you have a party, didn't like some maps
Overall: 4.5