Presentation: 4.0
I've never heard of the French comic book of the same name nor do I care. I'm not French...yet. The story for this game was actually pretty cool. This is the first cel-shaded FPS, so everybody had high hopes, even me.   

Graphics: 4.0
I love cel-shading. Does that make me a homosexual? No. I just happen to like color...a lot. I am opposite of a Goth. Stop staring at me. Nothing is really that detailed. There is nothing in the game that stands out, besides the luminous colors and the superior voice crew. 

Sound: 4.0
Adam West(Batman/voice actor) is one of my many heroes, and David Duchovony(Agent Mulder from the X-Files) is not. The overall voice acting is not bad, and the music is decent. The guns sound weak/muffled/wimpy.   

Control: 5.0
All the buttons you need are in this game. Everything is customizable and all the weapons feel pretty good. 

Gameplay: 3.5
The gameplay is very similar to every other FPS out there. There is nothing innovative about this game, besides the graphics. The horrible AI renders gameplay. Bots jump left to right and run in straight lines...towards you. The weapons are the standard fare, but the story drives you enough to actually complete the game. The shotgun also feels weak.   

Lasting Appeal: 2.0
The awful bots reflect how much I want to play after the main game is over. I hope the sequel improves in this department.

Rent or Buy?
Rent. This may be the best cel-shaded FPS for now, but there are at least a dozen other FPS games that are better.

Pros: Good story, good style
Cons: Awful bots, boring multiplayer
Overall: 3.0