Aliens Versus Predator 2

Presentation: 4.5
The story is not very deep, but this game must have been inspired by the movies, which were not very deep at all. Every cut-scene looks like its was planned out very well. The three races are very different and fun to play with.      

Graphics: 4.0
The Lithtech engine is not appreciated well enough, but this game proves that the graphics can match today's standards. The graphics are good, but there is nothing sharp enough to scare the crap out of someone. It once took me two minutes for me to realize that there were three bodies hanging from the ceiling. Maybe I am just retarded.

Sound: 5.0
The sound is amazing. The music and sounds are straight out of the movies. The screams, voice acting, and music make you feel like you are really involved in the game. This game might make you jump a couple times.
Control: 4.0
There are three different sets of controls so remembering them may take a while if you switch between races a lot. Everything is customizable. Switching between vision modes for the Predator is unique but gets annoying after a while.

Gameplay: 3.5
Though this game is not as scary as the first one, this game is better in almost every way. The classes are better balanced, the graphics are clean, and there is an actual story. I generally enjoy games with different stories that intertwine. This is no exception. There are also some noticeable bugs in this game.

Lasting Appeal: 3.5
The campaigns for each races are pretty short, but if you combine them together, you get a lengthy game. Multiplayer is well balanced, with many sub-classes under each race. I wish there were bots that allowed you to enjoy multiplayer without going online. 

Rent or Buy?
Buy it if you like Aliens. Buy it if you like Predators. Buy it if you like FPS games. Just buy it.

Pros: Intertwining story, well balanced classes
Cons:  Abhorred Lithtech engine, Not a popular game
Overall: 4.0