Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht

Presentation: 4.5
The story is loads of fun. I just don't like the characters. They are original, in a stupid kind of way. We have a 8 year old girl, a 9 year old boy, a blonde grandpa-cyborg, a gray haired guy that wears short shorts, the main character is "meh", and KOS-MOS. All of them sucks a lot of meatballs except KOS-MOS. She is the sexy ultra cyborg.

Graphics: 3.0
The graphics aren't that great. There are a lot of anti-aliasing problems, and everything is a little blocky. Sometimes the screen would shake. It's like having an earthquake...in space. This game is already a year old in Japan, so you can't really blame them technically. They should've have fucking released it in the US so late.

Sound: 4.5
The music is amazing, but there's not enough. The voices are pretty good, and there's a whole lot of talking going on. All  the voices sound great, except for Shion. She reminds me of Yuna from FFX. 

Control: 4.5
Targeting with the disruptor/beam/breaking random objects is fun, but the targeting might get confusing at times, because the cursor doesn't blink fast enough, or maybe I need some Ritalin. 

Gameplay: 4.5
The battle system is great. It seems simple at first, but there are some neat tricks to it. The game becomes ridiculously easy once you find some of the side items, like the ultra-super-transformer-bot-from-hell that does 9999 damage to everything. That may not seem like much, but when the hardest boss has about 13,000 HP...yep. 

Lasting Appeal: 4.5
There's a card game that resembles Pokemon/Yu-Gi-Oh!/Gayness combined with some Magic. I guess it would be more fun if you got some kind of satisfaction. Look at me! I beat a computer at a card game! There are plenty of other non-worthy mini-games. The back of the cover says that this game is 80+ hours. That is super-bullshit. It takes at most 50...which is still pretty damn good. This is one of those RPG games that you will probably never play again because of it's length. The story is great, but just too damn long to go over it again.

Rent or Buy?
Buy if you want to experience an amazing story, and have a lot of time on your hands. 

Pros: Great story, fun battle system.
Cons: Boring characters, story might be too long.
Overall: 4.5