War of the Monsters

Presentation: 4.0
The menu makes you feel like you are at a drive-in theatre like in the 80's. The whole game makes you feel like you are at a drive-in theatre. The Godzilla and King Kong inspired characters are ripped but feel distinctive in their own way. The mini-games suck.

Graphics: 4.5
The city looks amazing, and I could say the same thing about the monsters too. Everything is detailed and nice to look at, but there is nothing that's...out there.

Sound: 4.5
The music suits well. The screams are great. The main menu's music is memorable but nothing else is. The monster's screams feel like they are  straight out of the movies.

Control: 3.5
The camera is a minor problem, because it is not fast enough to follow your character. The monsters feel amazing(sexually and control wise).

Gameplay: 3.5
The game is a lot deeper than what people may think, but its kiddy pool compared to Virtua Fighter 4. Single player is all too much of the same for every monster. It's also very easy. Cheap tactics can always defeat the AI It's a lot of fun when you have a group of people that just saw the King Kong vs. Godzilla. I always dreamed about picking up cars and throwing them at people. My dreams came true in this game. The monster selection is only limited to 13, but I can definitely say this is the best giant-monster-Godzilla fighting game...especially better than that Go-Go-Godzilla Crush All game. The mini-games are awful though. You have dodge ball, a game where try to land on a building(which is not that bad), and ...I forgot what the fuck it was. Dodgeball sounds like fun, but when it is with two players...No.

Lasting Appeal: 3.0
Unlocking all the endings and extras will take a while, but they aren't really worth it. There are three mini-games, and they suck, except for the bulls-eye one. You run, and then try to land on a building. Great party trick.

Rent or Buy?
Rent. The game is fun for parties, but it lacks a lot of other things when you are by yourself.

Pros: Detailed cities, fun versus mode
Cons: Monster selection, limited extras
Overall: 4.0