Wipeout Fusion

Presentation: 2.5
The characters suck and the manual is awful. The load times take forever and the text is very hard to read(unless you have fucking hawk eyes). The story is nonexistent and the menu is about as exciting as watching ice melt in the refrigerator. Everything else beats ass. 

Graphics: 4.0
The graphics look better than the Playstation versions(duh). I like the effects and dust particles. The character details look like plastic though. The backgrounds and ship models beat ass.

Sound: 4.5
The techno is great. There's none of that crap techno you find in most of the other games. I'm disappointed that the Propeller Heads and Prodigy are missing from this one though. The sound definitely beats ass. 

Control: 4.5
The control is great with the first pod you get, but once you try the others, they will be as easy as nailing pudding to a wall. It will take a long time to master this. It's worth it. You will be crashing a lot if you don't practice beating ass. 

Gameplay: 4.5
Multiplayer if all right, but single player is great. I just can't find anybody that is a challenge to me. The game might be frustrating for beginners, but it's worth it once you beat some ass in single player. The upgrades, money, and medals don't really motivate me enough, but beating ass does. 

Lasting Appeal: 4.5
There are quite a few modes, and lots of tracks. There is a progression table telling you how much ass you've beaten. There are 45 tracks from seven different courses. Six single player modes, and five multiplayer modes will last for a while.

Rent or Buy?
Buy. The game is $20 and I think it's worth it, unless you hate futuristic racing games. 

Pros: Pure combat racing fun, long single player
Cons: Not for beginners, frustrating controls at first
Overall: 4.5