Orphen: Scion of Sorcery

Presentation: 1.5
The cinematic sequences are boring(but pretty), and the story isn't that amazing either. The characters are awful, and I just want to smack them in the face with salmon. Hey...lets design a butt-pirate, and have two little kids following him around all the time!" say the people that made this game. The tutorial is a piece of crap too.

Graphics: 3.0
The graphics are actually not that bad. For such an old game, it's surprising. The anime doesn't look bad. The environments suck. There's about as much variety as choosing the right gasoline price. 

Sound: 0.5
The main character has the worst voice of them all. If they wanted to have voice-overs, they should not have added the two annoying kids. This game would be better without sound. Just play the game with mute on. The music isn't bad, but the voices are the only memorable things...which isn't a good thing.

Control: 4.0
I still haven't discovered a use for jumping yet(except for a few stupid platforms), and I've beaten the game (*Shudders in disgust). The controls are actually the highlights for this game. 

Gameplay: 1.0
It's repetitive, boring, easy, repetitive, and...gay. The puzzles suck, and there is no sense of freedom. At least the battle system is original, but it still sucks. It's unbalanced, and all you need is timing. There are barely any items. This isn't an RPG/Adventure its push/the/button/when/cursor/comes/up. 

Lasting Appeal: 0.5
I will never play this again in my lifetime. I think if I were the devil, I would tie people to a chair and force them to play this game for eternity. 

Rent or Buy?
Rent if you want a good laugh. Buy if you regret living.

Pros: The graphics aren't bad
Cons: All of the characters
Overall: 0.5