Dead to Rights

Presentation: 2.5
It's about a good cop avenging the death of his father. I think I've seen a couple hundred types of these movies. It's not very original, but it was not annoying. The main character is a acts bad ass, but he looks like the average cop. There's nothing about him that stands out, except for the fact that he can telepathically tell his dog to kill people and then bring their weapons back to him.

Graphics: 3.0
The characters look like Legos. All of the enemies look the same, and the cars look like something you'd buy from the Dollar Tree. Jack is as stiff as my...cock(that's because I froze the rooster for stepping out of line). The colors are nice, and everything else is pretty good.

Sound: 3.0
The voices are average. Jack sounds all right, and the hookers voice gets me a hard-on, or maybe it is just her polygonal shape. The soundtrack is something like a movie.

Control: 3.0
Jack feels great(not like that you pervert). The hand-to-hand combat is practically useless though even though it is a nice feature. Disarming your opponents never gets tiring. I hate the auto-aim. I pretty much hate any game that has auto-aim. I think its for weaklings, and sissies..that don't know how to aim. The camera pisses me off sometimes too. Jumping isn't all that useful either, but counter-attacks while in close range adds a little depth to the game. 

Gameplay: 3.5
I think the game is a little too easy. You just can't have fun on rookie settings. The A.I. is awful. Sometimes, I could run straight at them and steal their shotgun when they have it pointed straight at my face. It's filled with action and fun though especially when you put it on the hardest setting. The slow motion thing is almost useless in this game. It's certainly fun to move the camera while you are diving, but it is just a novelty trick. Shadow(your fucking wolf/dog/instant-kill-everybody monster) sucks.

Lasting Appeal: 2.5
The game is short(10 hours max), but it was fun while it lasted. Try looking for all the disarms, and replay the mini-games again. It is worth beating this game at least twice. None of the mini-games are worth playing except for the stripper one. You don't really get anything for the mini-games, and they are all relatively simple to beat.

Rent or Buy?
Rent it first. Max Payne is superior in almost every way.

Pros: Pure unrefined action burglar blasting fun
Cons: Too short, clichéd story 
Overall: 3.0