Crash Bandicoot: The Wraith of Cortex

Presentation: 3.0
Crash is very well known, and I remember the days that I would lose sleep over the first game. Just thinking about that furry bandicoot makes me want to touch myself. Great franchise, but the load times are so long. I could take dump, make a pizza, walk my cat, and poke a foreign kid before the menu screen loads up. At least the load screens look pretty. You can enjoy a rave with ecstasy all in the comforts of your living room. 

Graphics: 3.5
There are not much anti-aliasing problems, and the environments look beautiful. The special effects are pretty also. Everything is beefed up from the previous games, but they aren't super beefed. You know what I'm saying?

Sound: 3.0
The music and sound is almost exactly the same from the previous games. The conga beat is easily recognizable, and so are the sound effects. 

Control: 4.0
Everything you need is here, but there's nothing new OR improved.

Gameplay: 2.5
The game is very unoriginal. I've you've played the previous Crash Bandicoot games, then you have pretty much played this game too. There are new vehicles, but they aren't enough to make me spaz...that much. 

Lasting Appeal: 3.5
Just like all the Crash Bandicoot games, this one also has a nice replay value. There are lots of crap to collect. Collecting them all could be a chore or a fun thing to do, depending if you are a pessimist or...the other guy.

Rent or Buy?
It's worth renting, but buying is a no for me, even if it's a Greatest Hit. Get the other five better platformers for the PS2. 

Pros: Same Crash Bandicoot we know and love
Cons: Same Crash Bandicoot we know and hate
Overall: 3.0