Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Presentation: 4.5
I loved Mortal Kombat ever since two. I was talking about my age, not MK2. Mortal Kombat Trilogy was on of my favorite fighting games, and I was excited about DA. The death of Liu Kang was a great idea. I hated that chap anyways. There are lots of extras in the Krypt, and the new characters are nice, except that (Bruahim?), who looks like his face was through a meat shredder. Frost is my woman. 

Graphics: 4.0
The backgrounds are pretty and so are the effects. You just can't say no to all that blood. The characters look a little like plastic though. Sonya looks like a woman on horse steroids. She is about as womanly/sexy as a 300-pound walrus wearing a bathing suit. 

Sound: 3.0
The soundtrack is good, but the grunts are annoying. The narrator sounds like he is about to fall asleep. They've ruined Scorpion for me just because of his grunts. I swear Scorpion is saying; "Alley-oop" every time he does a back flip. For some reason, ducking also causes many of the characters to grunt too.

Control: 4.0
The controls are great, and they are customizable...I think. You can cycle forwards to the next stance, but you can't cycle the other way. You also can't use the analog(not that I would). 

Gameplay: 3.5
Some of the moves I remembered are gone, but the new three stance fighting system works. It takes a while to master this, but once you get feels so good. I actually love the fighting system, but some of the moves seem to familiar to each other. For example, Scorpion's weapon and Kenshi's weapon seem exactly the same, or maybe I'm going crazy. The fatalities are awful. I could probably think of something more exciting then pulling someone's skeletal system out with my bare hands. How about freezing their crotch and then smashing it with a hammer and then pick up the pieces then feeding it to them with a spoon, all while pulling out their leg hairs? 

Lasting Appeal: 4.0
There are a lot of unlockables, but Konquest mode is a little...suck. It's too easy. There are hidden characters, artwork, descriptions, and videos. Versus mode should last for a while though.

Rent or Buy?
Rent first, and if you like it then buy. If you are a MK fan boy, then this is a must have. 

Pros: Lots of extras, new characters
Cons: Bad sound, boring Konquest mode
Overall: 3.5