Unreal Tournament


General: The year is 2341, Unreal Tournament's single player game casts the player as a legendary fighter about to take part in Liandri Mining Corporation's Grand Tournament. The tournament is televised across the universe. Work your way up the ladder to face the legendary champion, Xan Kriegor. Win trophies and claim awards. The only thing that UT is lacking is an real ending.
: Epic MegaGames

Platforms: PC, Dreamcast, PlayStation 2 
Release Date
: 11/30/99

Characters: An
: Chainsaw, Enforcer, Flak Cannon, GES BioRifle, Impact Hammer, Minigun, Pulse Gun, Redeemer, Ripper, Rocket Launcher, Shock Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Translocator
Comment: The great nemesis of Quake 3: Arena. I personally like Q3A a little better even though this has better sound, graphics, maps, bots...everything. Even the load screen takes only a few seconds. I just don't like the weapons. They feel...messy. It also doesn't have the soul Q3A has. Wow, that sounded stupid. Deathmatch gets boring for me.  I like Shock Rifle games mixed with some capture the flag. Don't get me wrong...I still haven't uninstalled this game since I bought it...but I don't really play it anymore, unless my friends come over and we get a LAN started.

Rating: 4.5/5