Unreal Championship


General: An invasion appeared and wiped out humanity...sort of. Humans were used as slaves. Some swore allegiance to the Emperor and lived reasonably well. Others were sent to prison waiting for their deaths. The Emperor takes advantage of the tournaments to remind viewers about disobedience. Traitors would be sent to the tournaments and brought back to life right before the brink of death until their minds collapsed. The only hope for mankind relies on one champion that can hold the Emperor's life in their hand. Unreal Championship uses the same engine as Unreal 2 and UT2k3. 
Developer: Digital Extremes

Platforms: Xbox
Release Date
: 09/24/02

Characters: None
: Assault Rifle, Biorifle, Flak Cannon, Ion Painter, Lightning Gun, Link Gun, Minigun, Redeemer, Rocket Launcher, Shieldgun, Shock Rifle, Translocator
Comment: This is pretty much Unreal Tournament 2003 port for the Xbox, except this game actually came out for Xbox first. If you need some Unreal, get the PC version. There is only one fps you need on the Xbox. Go Halo.

Rating: 3.5/5