Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion


General: Long before the world, there was Oblivion. Oblivion drifted through space like an giant blob. It consumed everything in its path. When Primagen's Lightship was destroyed in Turok 2, the explosion created an energy surge that triggered a chain reaction so powerful that the universe was destroyed. The shockwave tore Oblivion apart, and created a new world. Oblivion felt pain, and anger. Oblivion survived. Though it was nearly destroyed when The Lost Land was created, Oblivion lives and now desperately seeks a way to punch through the Netherscape that separates our world from The Lost Land. The Lost Land holds the key to Oblivion's rebirth, and also the key to its destruction. Oblivion seeks the Light Burden that every member of the
Turok lineage has carried. The death of the Turok line will signal the
the rebirth of Oblivion.
Developer: Acclaim

Platforms: N64, PC
Release Date: 08/29/00
Characters: Daneille, Joshua Fireseed
: Assault Rifle, Blade, Bow, Cerebral Bore, Grenade Launcher, Pistol Razor Wind, PSG, Shotgun, Spear, Tomahawk, Vampire Gun
Comment: Acclaim needs to quit while they are ahead. Turok is going down the drain. Nothing about this game stands out. If you want single player, get Turok 2. If you want multiplayer, get Turok: Rage Wars. 

Rating: 2.5/5