Tribes Aerial Assault


General: In the 40th century, neo-barbarian tribes compete for possession of new worlds. Warriors enter combat with powered armor, relying purely on skill. Now the BioDerm Hordes have started to invade tribal space. There are five tribes. Pick a team, and destroy the others.
Developer: Inevitable Entertainment

Platforms: PS2
Release Date: 19/23/02
Characters: None
: Blaster, Chaingun, Concussion Grenade, Flare Grenade, Fusion Mortar,
Grenade, Grenade Launcher, Laser Rifle, Mine, Missile Launcher, Plasma Rifle, Shocklance, Spinfusor
Comment: This is basically the PS2 version of Tribes 2. They pretty much got the game, and then got rid some of the weapons and weakened the graphics. The story makes me want to fall asleep. The controls are awkward, even for a PS2 shooter. The game is a little below average in general, but poor for a PS2 FPS game.       

Rating: 2.0/5