Serious Sam: The Second Encounter


General: Earth was under a severe attack from Mental's minions and humankind was about to vanished. Sam 'Serious' Stone, was sent back in time to save humankind from total annihilation. Using the ancient artifact, called the "Time-Lock" and left on Earth, Sam was teleported back in time into the land of Egypt. There he discovered traces of the Sirian civilization and found out about their spaceship, hidden somewhere inside the Solar system. Finally, in front of the Great Pyramid, he encountered mighty Ugh-Zan III, and won this battle. From the pyramid, Sam teleported himself onto the Sirian spaceship.
: Croteam

Platforms: PC
Release Date: 02/04/02
Characters: Sam Stone
: ???
Comment: The plot for this game is really weak, but that is to be expected. Online was average. They cooperative mode was fun, but someone always quits within the first 15 minutes. Single-player was really good. The real problem with this game is that the weapons are real bland. Remember to take  a break every once in a while, or hands may turn into bombs and you head disappears.   

Rating: 4.0/5