Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix


General: You play as John Mullins, a professional consultant with a long combat record. You're now in business for yourself, taking most of your contracts from a secret organization known only as "The Shop." Together with your old friend Sam Gladstone and your new partner, Madeline Taylor, you combat terrorism around the world. Ten years ago Mullins helped smuggle Dr. Piotr Ivanovich, a leading Biopreparat scientist, out of the Soviet Union and into US. Dr. Ivanovich has discovered multiple instances of a evil agent with properties that link directly to old experiments from his Biopreparat days. This time it seems that the ex-Biopreparat scientists are going deeper than before. Your mission is to rid of the global terrorist organization known as Prometheus and destroy the virus before it is released upon the world. SoFII uses a modified Q3A engine. There are 36 damage zones for each model.
: Raven Software

Platforms: PC, Xbox
Release Date: 05/20/02
Characters: John Mullins,
Madeline Taylor, Sam Gladstone
:  AK74, AN-M14 TH13 Incendiary Grenade, Knife, M1911A1, M3A1, M4, M590, M60, M67 Fragmentation Grenade, Micro UZI, MM-1, MSG90A1, OICW, RPD, RPG7, USAS-12, US SOCOM Mk. 23, XM84 Diversionary Flash-bang Stun Hand Grenade

Comment: Violent game. Single playe
r was even better this time around. Multiplayer was pretty good too. The graphics are great, and the random mission generator is a great idea. The long load times suck. The stealth in this game is useless. The OICW weapon is hard to use, and the load times suck. Oh wait...I already said that. Load sucks!

Rating: 4.0/5