Shogo: Mobile Armor Division


General: Shogo is an sci-fi anime-like FPS game. The player can play on foot or enter a giant mech. All of the mechs are pretty fast compared to mech simulators. Sanjuro(main character) must defeat The Fallen(evil empire). Your weapons differ depending if you are on foot or in your mech. Shogo is powered by the LithTech 3D engine by Monolith.
: Monolith Productions

Platforms: PC
Release Date: 09/30/98
Characters: Admiral Nathaniel Akkaraju, Akuma, Baku Ogata, Enforcer, Gabriel, Katherine, Akkaraju, Kura Akkaraju, Ordog, Sanjuro Makabe, Toshiro Makabe
: Assault Rifle, Bullgut, Energy Baton, Energy Blade, Energy Grenade, Juggernaut, Kato Grenade, Katana Sword, Laser Cannon, Machine Gun, Mono Knife, Pistol, Predator, Pulse Rifle, Red Riot, Shotgun, Shredder, Sniper Rifle, Spider, Squeaky Toy, T.O.W, Tanto
Comment: The story for the game was pretty good. I even wrote a FAQ for the game. Technically, this game is a lot better than Blood 2(also made by Monolith), but this game never really grew on me. No on really plays online, and single player gets boring the third  time through. At the time though, this game was pretty good.   

Rating: 3.5/5