Red Faction II


General: RF2 is the sequel to the popular sci-fi FPS game. RF2 is run on an enhanced version of Volition's Geo-Mod engine. Players can control vehicles and enter combat with squad members. The story sets a team of people fighting against an evil corporation or something like that. The graphics are better than the original, and the even more customizable components for multiplayer is a plus.
Developer: Volition Inc.

Platforms: PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, PC
Release Date: 10/15/02
Characters: Alias, Molov, Repta, Shrike, Tangier, Quill
: CAR-72 Military Assault Rifle, CAS-14 Automatic Combat Shotgun, CMP-32 Machine Pistol, CMRD-32 Magnetic Rail Driver, CSMG-19 Silenced Machine Gun, CSP-19 Semi-Automatic Pistol, CSR-60 Sniper Rifle, Frag Grenade, Incendiary Grenade,  JF90-HMG/BF Heavy Suppression Machine Gun, MKAP-97 Anti-Personnel Weapon, N.I.C.W.- Nanotech Individual Combat Weapon, NCMG-44 Enhanced Machine Gun, NGL-8 Nanotech Grenade Launcher, NPSR-755 Precision Sniper Rifle, Satchel Charge, Shock Grenade, W.A.S.P.- Wide Area Saturation Projectile
Comment: I personally enjoy Timesplitters 2 a little bit more. The single player was a little dull. It wasn't as innovative as the prequel. The graphics are a lot better, and that's about all I noticed. To be honest, I never really beat the game, just played multiplayer for a week straight.

Rating: 4.0/5