Quake III: Revolution


General: This is not a simple port of the PC version. There are new maps and new weapons added also.  Bullfrog Productions claim to have made Quake III the way it was supposed to be.
Developer: Bullfrog Productions
Platforms: PS2 
Release Date
: 03/26/01

Characters: Anarki, Daemia, Doom, Klesk, Sarge
: BFG, Chaingun, Gauntlet, Grenade Launcher, Lightening Gun, Machine Gun, Plasma Gun, Railgun, Proximity Mine Launcher, Rocket Launcher, Shotgun
Comment: The is no keyboard/mouse support...which is disappointing. This is basically Q3A with some added levels, and 2 new weapons. This game is good, but if I wanted a FPS for the PlayStation 2, I would get TimeSplitters or one of the Red Faction series instead.

Rating: 3.5/5