Quake III: Arena


General: This sequel to Quake 2 has the weapons of Quake 1, but a completely new engine. The premises is a tournament where deathmatch is king. The maps are generally small areas filled with launch pads, and pits. 
Developer: id Software
Platforms: PC, Dreamcast 
Release Date
: 11/30/99

Characters: Anarki, Angel, Biker, Bitterman, Bones, Cadavre, Crash, Daemia, Doom, Corre, Grunt, Hossman, Hunter, Keel, Klesk, Lucy, Major, Mynx, Orbb, Patriot, Phobos, Ranger, Razor, Sarge, Slash, Sorlag, Stripe, Tank Jr., Uriel, Visor, Wrack, Xaero
: BFG, Gauntlet, Grenade Launcher, Lightening Gun, Machine Gun, Plasma Gun, Railgun, Rocket Launcher, Shotgun
Comment: The infamous Quake 3 engine. I'm sure you've played a game that used this engine before. The weapon balance is great, and deathmatch online is as good as it gets. The idea is simple and yet very addictive. The single player is outdone by Unreal Tournament, but online is where this game shines. Single player can be completed in less than a hour. The bots are horrible compared to Unreal Tournament. 

Rating: 4.5/5