Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis


: The year is 1985. The cold war is blooming. Reagan is in the west, and Gorbachev holds the east. Glastnost wants to change the face fo the world.  A rebel faction with nuclear capability seeks to widen the Gulf War between Red and Blue. This is where you enter. You work your way from a soldier to become a commander. You can drive over 30 vehicles.
Developer: Bohemia Interactive

Platforms: PC
Release Date
: 08//29/01

Characters: None
: 9K32 Strela, AA, AK47CZ, AK74, AK74SU, AT4, CarlGustav, Hand Grenade, HK, LAW, M16, M203, M21, Mine, M60, Mortar, PK, RPG Nh-75, Satchel Charge, SVD Dragunov, XM177E2
Comment: I thought this game was pretty good.  Actually, I don't remember it that much. Stupid amnesia. It was realistic.

Rating: 4.0/5