Medal of Honor Underground


General: Lead Manon from her beginnings in the Resistance through her recruitment by the OSS to hinder the German onslaught. Battle tanks, half-trucks, Germans and Gestapo thugs in Europe and North Africa. 
: Dreamworks Interactive

Platforms: PS
Release Date: 10/23/00
Characters: Manon
Weapons: BAR, Big Joe Crossbow, Colt .45, Colt .45 1911A1, Gewehr 43 Sniper Rifle,  Hi-standard Silenced Pistol, MP40, Potato masher grenade, Panzerfaust, Petrol Bomb, Shotgun, Stielhandranate, Sten Gun Mark II, Sturmgewehr 44 Assault Rifle, W12 Riot Shostgun, Walther P38
Comment: This is the second MoH, but this is actually a prequel to the original. The AI is said to be a little better. I never noticed. The graphics look better.

Rating: 4.0/5