Medal of Honor: Allied Assault


General: MoHAA is a FPS set during World War II. It is the third MoH game, and the first one released for the PC. You control Mike Powell, a American soldier assigned to the Office of Strategic Services. You are given a number of missions in Europe and other areas. In some levels you'll be able to ride in vehicles and work with teammates. This game uses a modified Quake 3 engine. 
: 2015

Platforms: PC
Release Date: 01/20/02
Characters: Mike Powell
Weapons: Airstrike, Bazooka, Browning Automatic Rifle, Colt 45, Kar-98 Sniper Rifle, Kar-98K, M1 Garand, M1919A4 .30 Caliber Mounted Machine Gun, Mark II Frag Grenade, MG42 Mounted Machine Gun, MP40 Submachine Gun, OSS Hi-Standard Silenced Pistol, Panzerschreck, Springfield '03 Sniper Rifle, StG44 Sturmgewehr, Stielhandgrendate, Thompson Submachine Gun, Walther P38, Winchester Shotgun
Comment: I have some bones to pick with this game. First of all...there's no blood. I just don't see the motivation to shoot a Nazi in the head when all that happens is a cloud of dust disperses. Second, the single player gets boring because it is heavily scripted. Too much scripting can ruin a game. The first mission where you storm up Ohama beach is unforgettable and so is the freaking "Sniper Town," but everything else is. Sniper Town was awful, the moment you step into sight, you'll get shot four times by three different snipers. It's your job to quick save and load to get rid of the snipers one by one. Multiplayer is amazing though.

Rating: 4.0/5