Medal of Honor


General: The years are 1944-1945, the final years of World War II. You are Lt. Jimmy Patterson, a very skilled warrior. You are inserted in very dangerous places, and have to accomplish your mission. The AI of the enemies are realistic. Your job is to recover lost...documents. The multiplayer maps are small, but that doesn't keep them from being fun.
: Dreamworks Interactive

Platforms: PS
Release Date: 10/31/99
Characters: Jimmy Patterson
Weapons: BAR, Bazooka, Colt .45, Colt .45 (silenced), German grenade, M1 Garand, MachineGun, MP40, Shotgun, Springfield Sniper Rifle, Thompson, US grenade, Walther P38
Comment: The graphics weren't that great, but the game was definitely fun. The AI wasn't that bad either. This is the FPS game for Playstation.
Rating: 4.0/5