Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast


General: Eight years have passed since the Empire's defeat at the Battle of Endor, but the New Republic still struggles to restore order. You control Kyle Katarn who defended the Valley of the Jedi from Jerec. He nearly fell into the dark side himself. This retired Jedi continues to aid his partner, Jan Ors in the fight against the Imperials.  Jan gets kidnapped by Desann, and kyle must walk the path of a Jedi again to stop the imperial plan that involves the destruction of all Jedi.
Developer: Raven Software
Platforms: PC, Xbox, GameCube
Release Date: 03/26/02
Characters: Admiral Fyyar, Desann, Jan Ors, Lando Calrissian, Kyle Katarn, Luke Skywalker, Morgan Katarn, Reelo Baruk, Tavion
Bryar Pistol, DEMP 2 Gun, Detonation Packs, Disruptor Rifle, E-11 Blaster Rifle, Flechette Launcher, Heavy Repeater, Lightsaber, Merr-Sonn Portable Missle System, Stun Baton, Thermal Detonator, Trip Mines, Wookie Bowcaster
Comment: This is technically a third-person game once you get the Lightsaber. You can use first person with the sword but it's really difficult. This game was so much fun. I was the back-stab king. I thought the guns were useless. The Lightsaber was all you need. The guns are not that fun to use. The story was pretty good, and online play was amazing. It's like a glow stick orgy online. Customizing your character by choosing your force powers was a great idea too.  Force absorption was too overpowered though.
Rating: 4.5/5