General: Gordon Freeman, a scientist and a hell of a shot, is stuck in the Black Mesa facility where aliens have taken over. The engine was smooth, and it could run on the weakest computers. The main character moves like an spider and leapt very high, but that didn't stop people from loving this game. The main story sets you on a base where you have to escape from an alien attack. Half-Life went on to win over 50 "Game of The Year" awards from various publications and spawned a variety of successful modifications, add-ons, and mission packs.
Developer: Valve Software
Platforms: PC, Dreamcast, Playstation 2
Release Date: 10/31/98
Characters: Barney, Gordon Freeman
: Assault Shotgun, Crossbow, Crowbar, Fragmentation Grenade, Gauss Gun, Glock 9mm Pistol, Gun Turrets, Gluon Gun, Hive-hand, Magnum .357, MP-5, RPG, Satchel Charges, Snark, Trip Mines
Comment: This game spawned a great mod community. The easy to modify code was opened up by programmers everywhere that helped created such great games like Counter-Strike, and Day of Defeat. The game itself is not that bad, but the multiplayer could have been better. The single player too a long time to complete, and I loved the A.I. 

Rating: 4.5/5