Ghost Recon


General: The year is 2008, and a supremacist has surfaced in the modern Russia and is rebuilding the Red Army. You are an elite warrior with specialized training, that is the commander of a platoon dropped in the heart of Georgia (not southern hick Georgia, Russia Georgia). Your platoon must depend on each other to seek out and kill a group of extremist. You skills will improve as you move through your campaigns. This is a semi-sequel to the hit Rogue Spear. Maps are filled with caves, mountains, rivers, battlefields, and cities.  There are new character specialties (rifleman, demo, sniper). With certain weapons specific to each character specialty.  Each player model has have specific skills broken into 4 groups, stealth, weapon, endurance, leadership. As you defeat the enemy, you will be awarded points for your skills.
Developer: Red Storm Entertainment
Platforms: PC, Xbox, Gamecube, PS2 
Release Date: 11/20/01
Characters: None
: Ak-47, Browning M2 .50 Caliber Heavy Machine Gun, L96A1, M821A, SVD
Comment: This is a really good Tom Clancy game...even though I hate most Tom Clancy games. It's not because his books are boring. It's because you need patience to play them. You spend most of your online time hiding in a bush and waiting till someone walks by. This game is so's painful. You die in two hits max. I don't get a rush playing the game...unlike Counter-Strike. The weapon balance is great...even though there is only 5 of them. To be honest, I did have a lot of fun doing the missions in single player. I usually don't like games where you have to plan your route and hope your team doesn't get killed. 

Rating: 4.0/5