Extreme PaintBrawl 4


General: Published by Activision Value, this is the 4th in the Extreme PaintBrawl series. They have a GameSpy Aracde account so you can play online with people. This game is nonviolent and very suitable for all ages.
Cat Daddy Games

Platforms: PC
Release Date: 05/13/02
Characters: None
: ?
Comment: You know when to ignore a game when the publisher has the word "value" in it.  According to the box...it is the #1 selling paint ball game. Now what kind of crazy psycho is looking for a FPS game that looks like crap and costs $5...besides me? I think the developer's moms were even angered for have such failures as programmers. The sound is awful. The A.I. has the intelligence of an dead goldfish and when you shoot them, they raise their hands and say, "I'm out." Seriously, this game is awful. If you must have an paintball game, download Digital Paintball, a mod for Half-Life. I'm out.      

Rating: 0.5/5