Delta Force: Urban Warfare


General: You are a lone Delta Force operative working to rid of a global threat. Urban Warfare is the first Delta Force on the PlayStation. You control John Carter, an operative who is feeling vengeful following what should have been a routine operation where most of his squad were wiped out. The Russians are developing an atomic weapon, and it is your job to stop them. You are going alone, because there is a mole in your group.
Developer: Rebellion

Platforms: PS
Release Date: 07/01/02
Characters: John Carter
Weapons: ?
Comment: This game is not bad for a FPS on PlayStation, but it is awful compared to all the other ones out there. I'm rating it as an FPS on the Playstation. Medal of Honor is almost better in every way. I also can't find any Web sites that lists the weapons too since I can't rember them. There also is no multiplayer at all. The plot and sound effects are decent, but everything else seems lacking. 

Rating: 2.5/5