Blood II: The Chosen


General: You start off in off in the year 2028 in a dark city. Caleb, Blood's ill-tempered anti-hero, has walked the Earth for nearly a hundred years, trying to discover a way to resurrect Ophelia, Gabriella, and Ishmael. Together, they can take Cabal by force and help Caleb return as the Cabal's leader. The Cabal is an cult that worships Tchernobog that are now organized into a corporation. They consider Caleb as betrayers, because Caleb destroyed Tchernobog in the prequel. Caleb performs a ceremony to raise the other Chosen. The four Chosen then form an alliance to stop the Cabal.
Developer: Monolith Productions
Platforms: PC
Release Date: 10/31/98
Characters: Caleb, Gabriella, Ishmael, Ophelia
: .50 BMG Sniper Rifle, 9mm Automatic Pistol, Death Ray, Flare Gun, Insect-A-Cutioner, Knife, M16 Assault Rifle,  Mac-10 Sub Machine Gun, Minigun, Napalm Launcher, Life Leech, Proximity Bomb, Remote Bomb, Sawed-Off Shotgun, Singularity Generator, Timed Bomb, The Orb, TW-X59 Telsa Cannon, Voodoo Doll
Comment: I played this game religiously near the beginning for two years. It is not even that good, but I loved it solely for the reason because I was good at it. This game had a lot of glitches. You would see floating heads in the middle of nowhere, and legs sticking out of the ground. The weapons were fun to use, and you could customize your characters speed, strength, etc. There were only a couple dozen people playing online, and I was one of them. There were only three clans also.
Rating: 3.0/5