Aliens Versus Predator 2


General: Aliens vs. Predator 2 uses the Lithtech 2.5 engine, which is despised by many for some reason. Unlike the original game, AvP2 uses a lot of scripted events, which help develop a story. The screech from the alien is the exact as the one from movie, Aliens. The roar of the predator is the exact as its movie. You start in the world LV-1201, which is the battle ground for aliens, predators, and humans. After choosing your class, you start out with different abilities and weapons. Each race is unique. The multiplayer portion is classed based with each of the three races having a few different sub-classes.
Developer: Monolith Productions
Platforms: PC
Release Date: 10/31/01
Characters: Marine, Alien, Predator
: Claws, Combat Knife, Combistick, Crawl, Crouch-Leap, Disc, Headbite, M-240A1 Flamethrower, M-41A Pulse Rifle, M-4A4 Pistol, M-56 Smartgun, M-6B Rocket Launcher, M-90 Minigun, M-92 Grenade Launcher, Netgun, Plasma Pistol, Plasmacaster, Pounce Attack, Remote Bomb, Shotgun, Speargun, Tail, Wristblades, WY-102 Sniper Rifle 
Comment: It was really fun playing through all three characters with paths that come together. The story is better than the prequel, and the engine is a lot better too. My favorite character is the Predator, although his four vision modes can be tedious. The alien class is also fun. The marines were kind of boring to me. I loved how all three character's stories intertwined. I never got to play this game online, but I loved single player. I know the online multiplayer is class based.  

Rating: 4.0/5