What kind of "Shooter" are you?
Here are 25 questions to see exactly what kind of player you are...
Answer each question honestly, and count how many questions you say "YES" to.

1.      Do you know what the CPL is?
2.      Have you ever killed anybody using melee weapons consistently?
3.      Do you have any FPS game poster hanging in your room?
4.      Do you think id Software is an awesome company?
5.      Do you play your FPS games on the highest difficulty level?
6.      Have you ever participated in a FPS tournament?
7.      Do you ever yell out "HEADSHOT" in public?
8.      Do you play FPS games online?
9.      Do you have a pet named after a FPS character?
10.    Have you ever played Wolfenstein 3D?
11.    Do people fear you when they see you on the screen?
12.    Do people call you cheap for using the same weapon?
13.    Do you try to identify the type of guns at the movies?
Do you own any merchandise from a FPS game?
Do you know who John Carmack is?
16.    Is  FPS your favorite genre?
17.    Do you know what the `console is?
18.    Have you ever beaten a FPS game with only melee weapons?
19.    Do you come to this site every week?
20.    Every day? 
21.    Has anyone ever accused you of "hacking/cheating" because you are so good? 
Did you ever own Half-Life?
23.    Have you ever bought the same FPS game twice, for different systems?
Have you ever been on a shooting range?
25.    Do you ever "lead the target?"


If you answered "YES" to 1-4 questions...You're a "Head Crab"
You cannot even hold a gun. You do not belong here. Go play Pong you shameful burrito. I do not want to see you on my site ever again.

If you answered "YES" to 5-8 questions... You're a "Mime King"
Well...at least you can hold a gun. You like to run around like an idiot. Start practicing more.

If you answered "YES" to 9-12 questions... You're a "Nazi"
You are just a casual fan. If you practice more, you can become a super Nazi.

If you answered "YES" to 13-16 questions...
You're a "Soldier"
You are specially trained, but there is still much to learn.

If you answered "YES" to 17-20 questions...
You're a "Visor"
Not only do you look cool, but you are also a good shot.

If you answered "YES" to 21-24 questions...
You're a "Master Chief"
Good for you. I am impressed. 

If you answered "YES" to 25 questions...
You're a "Xan Mark II"
You psycho. I don't know whether to worship you or ridicule your social life.