Welcome to the greatest first-person shooting game site on the web... The Shooter's Generation, your #1 source for FPS games. My name is Steven a.k.a sometimes i breathe. I'm an avid first-person shooting game player. I'm not an artist nor an pro of some sort. I just like playing videogames, mostly all types of games, but there are not enough sites that really dedicate to all FPS games. 

I am the Creator & Webmaster of The Shooter's Generation. I started playing FPS games when I was...I forgot...years old...starting with Wolfenstein 3D. I am responsible for mostly the content on this site...everything else, ideas, design, etc...I pretty much stole from this site. And yes, I did technically ask for permission. If you have any if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please e-mail me.
   Here, on The Shooter's Generation, you will find tons of information on all of your favorite FPS games, features, strategy, and some other crap, so go look around..

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why did you create this site?
A: I was bored. Do I need a better reason?

Q: Yes.
A: That wasn't a question?

Q: Doesn't this site look a lot like this one?
A: I have no idea what you are talking about. 

Q: Is this your only web site?
A: No. I had a Final Fantasy 8 site that was pretty popular...and some other crappy ones I gave up on. Hopefully...this one won't close within a year.

Q: Why do you have more PS2 reviews than other consoles?
A: Because I started making a Website for game reviews, and started with PS2...but I gave up on that.

Q: Do you play FPS games online?
A: Not anymore. I quit...so now I have enough time to make this site.

Q: Can I challenge you to any of the games you play?
A: No. 

Q: Why did you give X game such a bad rating? 
A: That is my opinion. Everybody has their own opinion...even if they are wrong.

Q: Why isn't X game even on your page?
A: Have patience. I can't type 300 words per minute...yet.

Q: What's with the crappy banners?
A: This whole Web page is at work. The most advanced image editing software next to Word Art is Paint.

Q: How old are you?
A: Look at the About the Webmaster section below.

About the Webmaster
Name: Steven X
Age: Unknown
Sex: Unknown
: Georgia
Ethnicity: None
Occupation: Unemployed
Hobbies: Playing games, flipping out, and watching a lot of TV
Special Power: Kicks ass in all types of videogames, except sports...just like in real life
Dislikes: heavy Goths, old people, and Eskimos

action games: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
extreme sports games: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
fighting games
: Street Fighter Alpha 3, Tekken Tag Tournament, Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution
racing games: Gran Turismo 3, NFSU
other games
RPG games: All Final Fantasy(except 9, I hate 9 with a passion), Chrono Cross, Diablo II
RTS games: StarCraft, WarCraft III
simulation games: Black & White, The Sims
sports games: Fifa 2002, Madden 2003
strategy games
: Final Fantasy Tactics, Worms 2
Cartoon Network show: Power Puff Girls
Teletuby: Tinky-Winky

"Favorite" FPS Games & Weapons Used
Blood II: The ChosenM16 Assault Rifle, Napalm Launcher, TW-X59 Telsa Cannon
ounter-strike: AK-47, Desert Eagle .50 AE, M4A1 Carbine
Half-Life: Assault Shotgun, MP-5
Half-Life 2: Gravity gun
Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast: Lightsaber
No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way: Explosive Kitty, Vindicator Sportsman's Crossbow
Quake 3: Arena:

If you'd like to challenge me to any of the above games...Don't bother because I will own you. That or because I'm using 56k now.

I do not claim ownership to any of the screenshots, artwork, images, etc. featured on this page unless otherwise stated. If you want credit or removal of something that belongs to you, contact me via e-mail.

Shooting since January 6, 2004